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Count de Moné

Whats wrong with pissed off ? Give him credit for his El Paso Times statement. If you read the blog El Paso Speak and see how much debt we have then you should be pissed off too.

Max Powers


So he is pissed.

But he's not going to do anything about your debt situation.

If really cared, he propose scraping the arena. But he is not.

Apparently, he cannot be trusted with his own credit card.



Sylvester the Cat

He's angry because no one is buying the bs. Everything he tries is a total flop including his "do over" of the campaign report. He had a problem directing the Boys club and now he can't keep track of his campaign budget and reports.
It's time that he sit down, he's not qualified for the Mayor's position.

Vote for this guy and he wins, we will hear a lot of "I thott I sud the buttgit". He can't handle budgets period.

Count de Money

He was able to get into Notre Dame and graduated from there. Where did you guys go ? And, it looks like he uses the same hair dresser as you do Ali Baba. I understand, he takes votes away from Douche Dee and your worried about Emma winning without a runoff, but still, Dee is a douche and will go through with the Arena anyway to please the downtown real estate Donors.


The BIGGEST LOSER is Saucedo. Can't handle Sh*t. he ran the Boys Club to the ground. Now Saucedo wants to do what emma Acosta started, to run El Paso to the ground. Emma & David, 2 of the biggest Losers. But Voters in El Paso don't vote so guess who is going to win?


Saucedo is not ready for prime time. He is a Notre Dame graduate...is that supposed to mean that he deserves my vote? Am I supposed to be impressed with his degree? I know people who went to Yale that I'm not impressed with. There are lots of good schools that graduate people with zero savoir faire. Seriously, he needs a personal appearance coach. And maybe anger management, too.

Shoe Leather Express

Saucedo is proof that a university doesn't give or make you intelligent. They teach the skills and its up to apply that knownledge.

In his case, he skipped class and spent his time in a beauty salon and kissing his mirror.

Emma, what can we say about her. She lacks any creditibilty. Lies and panders too much. Poor veterans that got suckered into supporting her by giving them expired date chain store steaks. Maybe she just got the word that that Viet Nam ended 42 years ago, Alzheimer ?

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