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Pipe Dream

Beto is a nice guy and is a prepackaged candidate. The kind that campaign managers like to have.

Well, he win? I don't think so. He will make a good showing but not enough to unseat Cruz. For all the Republicans that are upset with Cruz, I don't believe they are willing to give a Senate seat. That would be insane. They will circle the wagons and support him.

Beto had to start early because he doesn't have name recognition outside of El Paso. It is always wise to start early instead of waiting till the last minute. He is going to need a major war chest because of the size of the he has to win. The photo ops he does give the impression that he is attracting a lot of voters. Democrats I would say. Cruz is well known and has a humongous war chest.

I wish Beto luck and I am sure he will give Cruz a fight.


Beto always sounds good. I supported him until his open borders stance. And I've noticed that he has toned down his liberal rhetoric as he campaigns across the state. He is very charismatic, something totally lacking in Cruz. I think Beto could pull it off. I think most Republicans find it very hard to support Cruz.

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