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It fits !!!!

The decision was made long ago, debates, discussion, hang wringing is for show.
This is like the oversized lady, she wears a size 16, be damned she will find a way to fit in a size 4. She decided beforehand and that's that.

Once again, 30% of the people have gotten what they wanted because the remaining 70% that only bitches never vote.

We can't afford it and don't need it. It's childish people just want a new toy. In time the arena will lose its glitter. The 30% will run to the polls. and vote for a new a new arena. Nothing changes.

Remember, when the demolishing of "old El Paso" started, one very wealthy person started building and buying parking garages ? Do you really think the puppets will this person take a loss? They will build and build until the city fits the garages.


The parking garages are already full. They don't need an arena. Bad decisions to not spell conspiracy. Get a grip.

Is this bitching or complaining

Ok, semantics not a conspiracy. It's a coordinated effort.

Garages are full ? The city is being structured to fit everything into a small arena. Nothing but congestion is the result. Cram the space, reduce street parking. Voila, we need parking garages during an event. Money makers ! Most parking garages are full because everyone wants the first couple of floors. Plenty of room on the upper levels.

These aren't bad decisions. They are greed motivated and political advancement

No Morgan

Can you do anything about this finance report discrepancy.


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