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I don't blame David, from the looks of his report, he pays a ton to consultants. Too bad they are too stupid to know how to fill out a report. Maybe he will hire Norma Chavez as his chief of staff as Mayor. This town is laughable.

For David's consultants:

Correcting the final report DOES NOT reinstate or revive the campaign treasurer designation. An entirely new treasurer designation must be filed.

As for the 14 day correction period, the Municipal Code provision applies.

1 Tex. Admin. Code § 18.9 - Correction after sworn complaint filed: https://www.ethics.state.tx.us/legal/ch18.html#18_9

§ 18.9. Corrected/Amended Reports

(a) A filer may correct/amend a report filed with the commission or a local filing authority at any time.

(b) A corrected/amended report must clearly identify how the corrected/amended report is different from the report being corrected/amended .

(c) A filer who files a corrected/amended report must submit an affidavit identifying the information that was corrected/amended .

(d) A corrected/amended report is not subject to a late fine if filed in accordance with section 571.0771 or section 305.033(f) of the Government Code, or section 254.0405 of the Election Code, as applicable.

(e) Except as provided by subsections (b) and (c), this section does not apply to a corrected/amended report filed under Section 571.069, Government Code, or a corrected/amended report filed in response to a sworn complaint.

Eastside resident

Looked like a good candidate but he really screwed up. First the Boys and Girls Club, now this? So Sad. Like George Carlin said, Shit in, you are going to get shit out.

David, do the right thing and resign your campaign.


If David can get this fixed he just got a 5k donation from me. Margo fucked up EPISD and will do the same with the city if he wins. Anything for Woody or Paul. He is a progressive only when it benefits his Republican friends.

Never Learn

That 5k donation, if true, would serve a local charity much better. If a director can't keep track of a nonprofit, well I would say no to directing the city.

In desperation he is trying everything including violation of the ordinance and then expects a do over? Just shows he can't be trusted.

KVIA should drop this guy from the debate lest it appear that the station is approval unsavory conduct. Acosta is another one that should had never been invited. Her manipulation of the lawsuit-non lawsuit is enough to bar her from the race. She screwed up the garbage dump and feels qualified to run the city. Guess that could be a qualification. Then takes advantage of the veterans by throwing them a "expired date" steak. It only took her over 40 years and a Mayor's race to determine the war was over and the veterans should be welcomed home. Go to Users Anonymous !

DeeMargo comes with baggage but once again El Paso is faced with the lesser of the evil election. When El Paso stops the political musical chair and interbreeding then we will have a better selection.

Keep in mind just because it's not illegal doesn't mean it's ethical or clever.


I agree on the donation, but Dee comes with as much if not more baggage than Saucedo IMHO. The EPISD crap is worse than the non-profit. Money is being passed around in EPISD. Bond money and not to mention whats going on with the office location bullshit. A non-profit not so much. I agree on Acosta 100 percent.

Who Cares

Why is it that bloggers get the story wrong or purposely select certain facts to portray some sort of problem? Kind of like fake headlines in the news. Ornelas filed the complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission. They said they would have a response in 5 days. Peter Svarzbein screwed up his campaign reports and not a single person in El Paso cared. Guess it just depends on who you are. Candidates are always screwing up their campaign reports and they all fix them (except Svarzbein). There is no drama here people other than a desperate attempt by Margo to play dirty politics.

if KVIA dis-invites Saucedo then they can be accused of biased reporting and trying to impact an election through their favorable media coverage of their preferred candidate. If KVIA has any Ethics they will let the debate go on as planned.

Max Powers


KVIA already indicating its preferences by NOT inviting other candidates.



Chicago politics

Slam dunk on that note Max.

Question is will this be a debate without knowing the questions in advance or will this be El Paso style where candidates receive questions a week in advance?

Voter and Who care, I care and I vote. Quite frankly if it wasn't for dirty politics there would be no campaigns in El Paso. When the political musical chairs and political inbreeding stops then maybe we will see honest government for a change. For now, I will hold my nose while voting.

I can assure you my vote will not be for cheapsteak Emma or Kmart model David. Caution no smoking within 50 ft of David, his greasy hair is flammable.

El Paso, I mean El Pendejos

EPISD Voter, you are an idiot and exactly what is wrong with this community. The news just told you that with every contribution this kid has taken he has committed a misdemeanor and that he is in violation of a city ordinance that makes him ineligible and you want to give him $5,000. Morons.


Good point El Paso, El Pendejos.


If you believe Margo screwed up EPISD, then vote for Emma. But, please do not vote for Saucedo. He has no experience, nothing to show he has any leadership qualities, zip. With his degree in accounting, he still could not figure out that the Boys and Girls Club was going broke. Under his watch, employees were over-paid and fund raisers were postponed. There is no reason to believe he could manage the city. Saucedo does not seem to understand that a Board has responsibility...a mistake by a complete novice. Why did he take that job? For his resume? Because he certainly did not seem to care about the children he served.

My vote is for Margo but I would settle for Emma. Never Saucedo.

true colors

Emma Acosta had her chance (another Norma Chavez) - get out of politics Emma, You have served yourself enough on our nickel. Saucedo is a fool. an arrogant fool, who thinks us voters would believe anything he says. Boys Club says it all, loser. I am still voting for Dee Margo. When Dee worked with EPISD, I believe he did the best he could with a damaged school district that had plenty of people there who NEVER cared about the kids.

Count de Moné

Who Cares is right. No one cared when Peter screwed up his reports, but now they care on Salcedo ? Give me a break, Pendejo above. Dee is just another Ortega. Follow the money and look who donated to Ortega and who donates to Dee. It will be the same. A progressive is a progressive no matter what party he is from and will spend money to help his donors. The Open enrollment at EPISD was pushed by Dee and that was all a real estate deal to help properties north of the freeway and towards Trans Mountain. Guess who owns most of it. Just follow the money. The bond was too. Guess who will get the bond work ? Both donors will benefit from it. Just follow the money. At least Leesor was a pretty good Mayor. The big money didn't support him and he didn't let them abuse the system.

We're screwed !

Peter is one of the major disappointments for Dist 1. His causes are amateurish and self serving.

Saucedo is so incompetent he is unable to follow the money in any budget.

Count, show us proof. Not challenging your comment just would like some proof.

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