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Oh no Jaime will have to decide who he goes to work for! Escobar or Perez???? Oh that's right neither one of them would hire him, he's like the ugly chick you banged in high school. You don't mind hittin it but to be seen in public? No way!!!


Escobar thinks Perez is getting too big for his britches. Keep everyone else down so you can be seen up there on top. Escobar -- you're a loser.

Deep Throat

Perez is better than broom person. But he does come with baggage that isn't flattering.

Remember, he was involved with meddling of city council meeting while on the county's dime.

Franklin, that is so hillarious, the"fat" chick.

Since all these politicians are more concerned about Juarez than El Paso perhaps it's time for a little snooping and reporting as to there is a "connection"


Damn and I thought Perez was going to run for County Judge. Max Powers, El Paso's number one news source. Time to wipe.

Max Powers


Don't act like you wipe.




You are hilarious Max. Stahala must be really nervous since all he does is take a shit. He's got the chorro!

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