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We need new people

Every time I read your possibilities for elected office, I am tempted to ask for a few tomahawks to be directed at El Paso !

So depressing of the choices. I damn don't want that Deliverance guitar playing fool to be a commissioner. He left the city in a financial mess and I suppose now he wants to share his wisdom at the county level. Don't buy that bs that he is for same sex or unmarried partners. He voted for that bs because it benefited his unmarried daughter and shacked up unemployed bf and kids. She's married now, they ran to a JP as soon as Deliverance was exposed.

Senator Rodrguez could retire and receive a couple of vetted pensions. I suppose Vince could be OK as a State Senator if he can stay off the phone and stop coaching the wife with city issues. Then he needs to be deconned of Jaimes association. Who knows maybe the wife is a cover for his real wife.

There are just no real choices. We elect the same over and over, they change positions and retire with a few separate entity benefits.


Why, please explain, would Escobar endorse Cook over Perez?

Soco Loco resident

Vince Perez has Jaime Abeytia which guarantees him two wins: 1) the smallest penis ever 2) pie eating contest. Quit claiming you are from the valley Jaime, you are from Arizona pinche manoso.

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