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Max, what the heck have you been drinking ? Acosta has no chance of winning unless voters receive voting vouchers fon her.

She. flips so much on issues that people believe she is talking and answering her. Along with her unrealistic perceptions of herself. She is the female version of a street hawker in front of a cheap strip joint.

All Dee has to do is ask for a explanation of the lawsuit and nonlawsuit. That's a flip flop in itself. Ask her why did it take her over 40 yrs to welcome home Viet Nam veterans. Why now ? Mayor's seat ? Does she really believe she can buy veterans vote by luring them with the promise of a Cattlemans quality steak and serving them a chain store steak. Another flip flop. She has been around long enough to start singing "Over There" for other veterans votes.

"I am the Mayor !", yes you are sweetie, time for meds and afternoon meds.

Max, 10 cents a gallon of Jose's homemade hooch is getting to you.

Max Powers

If Dee weren't an asshole, he could ask that.

But he is.

So therein lies the problem for Dee.

He has to be likeable.




He has to be likeable.
In a three-way contest where none of them are likeable all you need is one vote more than number two.

Think about it

All Saucedo would have to do is answer Acosta with this " I'm tired of worthless city employees(or bitches) getting away with shit like your settlement. That's why I'm mad all the time." If he said that to her he might become very likable. No PC anymore.

Equal Campaigning

Come on Max telling the truth, exposing falsehoods or inconsistencies in a campaign is not being an asshole. The only thing that's or should be is family not involved in the campaign.

As for gender, once a woman steps into the campaign ring, all gloves are off and fair game. El Paso needs to catch up, stop being shocked when a male candidate goes after the female. Woman can dish it out pretty good themselves.


This is a non-partisan race, Max. Quit lobbing in ideas to bail out the democrat.

Max Powers


Whateva! I do what I want!



No Acosta

the woman thing has shown woman can lie as well as the men.
Donna Brazille, Rice, and the biggest liar of them all Hillary.

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