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I'm not a fan of Cruz but I am not about to help the Democrats take back the Senate, not even for a guy who can say, "shit" with feeling.

Who Cares

Beto isn't that good looking.

Max Powers


It's on a spectrum. Look, Beto is not as good looking as me, BUT for an elected official he does more than hold his own, and especially against Cruz and Tattoo.



Count de Money

He is better looking than Pelosi for sure.

Cruz Lover

Beto needs to stop taking pictures with Wendy Davis and he needs to post a picture holding some kind of gun if he has any hope of not getting embarrassed in his race.
Plus, weren't you the one who said he wanted the Catholic Church to host gay weddings?
PS. Your hair is fabulous and much better than Beto's.


The El Paso Times will start writing the second gospel of Beto right after the municipal election but like David Saucedo said on ABC Xtra, no one reads the El Paso Times. Ha! I laughed so hard I woke my dog. He's right!

Max Powers


Oh, my hair? It's still a work in progress. I think my hair still recovering from all those fades from high school.



true colors


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