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Ask the media

And .... once a complaint has been filed you can't correct a report. That would defeat the purpose of filing a complaint. So he doesn't have a treasurer. And he still is spending. Illegally. Thats what media should be asking " David, since you can't correct a report once a complaint has been filed, you are campaigning illegally. How can this be corrected??

Man Bun

Max, well if you're so damn smart, where's is that rule? City, state or your ass?


Correcting the final report DOES NOT reinstate or revive the campaign treasurer designation. An entirely new treasurer designation must be filed.
As for the 14 day correction period, the Municipal Code provision applies.
1 Tex. Admin. Code § 18.9 - Correction after sworn complaint filed: https://www.ethics.state.tx.us/legal/ch18.html#18_9
§ 18.9. Corrected/Amended Reports
(a) A filer may correct/amend a report filed with the commission or a local filing authority at any time.
(b) A corrected/amended report must clearly identify how the corrected/amended report is different from the report being corrected/amended .
(c) A filer who files a corrected/amended report must submit an affidavit identifying the information that was corrected/amended .
(d) A corrected/amended report is not subject to a late fine if filed in accordance with section 571.0771 or section 305.033(f) of the Government Code, or section 254.0405 of the Election Code, as applicable.
(e) Except as provided by subsections (b) and (c), this section does not apply to a corrected/amended report filed under Section 571.069, Government Code, or a corrected/amended report filed in response to a sworn complaint.

Count de Money

Ask the media must be one of Douche Dee's campaign staff. They want Saucedo off the ballot so its just Emma and Douche Dee. If you cant correct a report then Peter wouldn't be a Rep. And Max, Emma has an extra 90k a year of money to pay someone to do it right, however, she fucked up the City Trash Department.

Max Powers


Everyone keeps bringing up Peter.

But did anyone file a complaint? No. But they probably should have. But just because Peter got away with it does it mean Saucedo should.




The fact that Emma is getting 90K a year that she doesn't deserve does not make me like Saucedo.

Man Up

Count de Money, Is that you David?? The age old song, Blame the White Man for all my troubles. You screwed up kid and big time. I was voting for you but your victim act is getting old. On Channel 7 extra, you moaned that it was Dee's fault that you destroyed the boys and girls club because he didn't donate. Now you're on this blog, blaming Dee's campaign for asking legit questions about your ability to fill out reports correctly.

Here is some advice from a real adult. When you screw up, admit that you are wrong and correct. You took yourself out of the race on this one David and you cannot blame Dee, you have only yourself to blame.


Oh my goodness, this race is getting deeper and deeper into it. David should have corrected his report and moved on. His response is childlike.

Dee Margo has my vote.

Max Powers


What rule are referring to?

Are you suggesting you do not need to appoint a treasurer to spend and raise campaign cash?



Count the Money for real

According to Hooligan, and the law, he can't correct the report and can't appoint a new treasurer. If he can't appoint a treasurer he can't spend or raise money. What's the status of his campaign? Shouldn't this be question number one on all coters list- am I throwing a vote away if i vote Saucedo??

David now Margo

That is interesting. So even if he were to win, we would have a Mayor with multiple misdeamenors. Could he even be sworn in?

Who Cares

All he has to do is fill out the paperwork to replace a campaign treasurer. Go read the TEC instructions on candidates and office holders and what the rules are to file a campaign report, appoint a treasuer etc. stop the speculating and making crazy statements that are not true. Why didn't Margo's campaign treasurer point this out with the January 15th filing. Saucedo reported more than $20k. Guess it wasn't a problem until Margo got scared.

Max Powers


So Margo's camp should have pointed this out sooner?

As far as running scared, it's Saucedo who isn't speaking.

Regarding reading TEC instructions, sounds like Saucedo's camp didn't.



The Raging Chihuahua

Out of the 78 mayoral candidates that are running, I can't find one that doesn't want to make us deeper in debt and/or even knows why the hell they're running, other than seeing there name on a ballet will look "really cool." This probably means that I'll vote for the person (probably a nut job) that's least likely to win just so the eventual winner doesn't get all pompous because they've won by a million votes - that's what we had to put up with from our current and previous Mayor. Yeah, I know I'm being illogical, but when in Rome.....


Who Cares ----- read the rules. They state that you CANNOT correct a report in response to a complaint.

(e) Except as provided by subsections (b) and (c), this section does not apply to a corrected/amended report filed under Section 571.069, Government Code, or a corrected/amended report filed in response to a sworn complaint.

Is that hard to understand?

Who Cares

Why did the City Municipal Clerk accept the document if you can't do that? Oh yeah - the excuse will be "not my job to pay attention to TEC complaints" after the media blew up with the news. I bet he gets a slap on the hand, $500 fine and move on. I still believe El Paso politicians will only file "sworn ethics complaints" when they are losing the race-or lost the race. Kind of stupid Ornelas asked that Saucedo be removed from the ballot. Makes me wonder how smart this Ornelas guy is. Absentee ballots were printed and mailed out weeks ago. What an idiot.

Count de Moné

Who Cares, the reason the Dee Douche-ites want Saucedo off the Ballot is so his votes might go to Dee instead of Acosta. Your right, they are scared Acosta wins without a run off. Ranging Chih, Jaime Perez is the only one who would try to keep us out of debt, but he cant win. Max, Margo's camp should have pointed it out sooner. Even Davidk knows the polls are showing Emma doing well and its funny how Douche Dee's group got scared and hoping to get Saucedo votes if he is out now. I just think its kinda chicken shit.
Also Max, I know you want someone who would want to cancel the Arena and nobody said they would try. However, that dog wont hunt because Wilson made the Arena deal as tight as the Ball Park where it has to be built and it has to be downtown or the City will be sued by investors who upgraded facilities downtown based on the Arena deal(what pisses me off is they got tax breaks too). So from what I can tell trying to stop the Arena even though both us agree we don't need it is not going to stop it. It will be put in the Union Plaza area. People will get paid off enough and it will happen even though we don't need it. Man up, Im not fucking Saucedo. I just don't like Dee or Emma. I was hoping for someone else. Since the mayor really doesn't have much power anymore except veto I was hoping Saucedo would win. I think he would look at things different based on his his donors aren't. Emma or Dee will only help spend us into more debt.

Who Cares

Not sure that is true that Emma is out polling Saucedo or even Dee. As we all learned from the 2016 presidential election - the polls are not accurate. I think it will be a low turnout election overall. But - Hispanic women vote for Hispanic women and Hispanic women vote in greater numbers than Hispanic men. So there you go.

to be or not be

It was a lawsuit before it wasn't. I am not lying, you just don't understand. Expired date steaks anyone ? Leftover from the Welcome Home veterans dinner. I just got the news that the war ended in 1975. Steaks are not tough just aged with good Emma steak sauce. Has that boiled boot taste and strength. Like cook I plan to market the sauce. It named Emma's sauce that was before it wasn't.


Saucedo, emma, & Jorge are the same. Still voting for Dee Best of the West- Margo.

David now Margo

Campaign reports are out. The big Dallas fundraiser was total bulls**t! He raised less than $3K. Saucedo is Don Quixote. He probably spent more getting there than money raised. what a dumb ass.

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