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Test 10-10:  ?

Honestly, El Paso has been robbed so long that people have to believe budget discrepancies are part of doing business.

The issue is not whether he personally benefited but his failure in his fiduciary duties. I've never hear of a nonprofit conducting a board meeting and no financial report. Even a year before he left, he never noticed expenditures were greater than income ?

Now he wants us to trust him with the city budget? In four years, he would blame the city manager for any shortfalls.

Max Powers


All candidates support the arena.

They will all fail in their fiduciary duties.



Who Cares

Test: so was this a board of 1? What about the rest of the board? What about the Foundation board? Sounds like they were all asleep at the wheel. Most people join a non profit board because it looks good on the resume, checks a box to be involved in the community, etc. if you want to blame someone, blame the entire board. Joyce Wilson was heavily involved in this organization. Her track record on budgets and finance isn't the greatest.


Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown. If you want to be the Chairman of the Board, President of the organization, you will have to take the heat with the glory. If he's bitching he wasn't the only one on the board then he should apply to be an employee at the City not the Mayor. He can pass the buck to all the other worthless civil servants.

Test 10-10:  ?

BLAM !!!! Taxpayer hit that hard. Exactly my thoughts. The director duties are what ? Direct the board members! He never asked about the budget, fundraising, etc? Btw the way "who cares", the answer was 0. You missed that and the bonus question.

Taxpayer is a genius and should for Mayor. He got the correct answers and for good measure provided a complete explanation of why people like WC should stay away from campaigning for office.

Who Cares

Test-so why hasn't someone on the board or the foundation made a claim of malfeasance against Saucedo? Or for that matter the entire board? El Paso Inc today reported that Boys and Girls club ran a deficit for 3 years. Saucedo has not been Chair for 3 years. Face it people, this is a poorly run organization that not even JW can save. Move on.

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