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Max Powers


Were you the one fired?




Yes cause I suck.


Haha, you tell me bro. You got the inside track. You and Abeytia, El Paso's number one source for news.


And lol at whoever used my handle. That's why we should have usernames that we have to log in with to comment. Shit was funny though.

Westside Grouch

Finally! He fired the people that told him a boxing match commercial is a good idea? How about that terrible commercial with a shot of his shitty boots at the border. What the hell does any of that have to do with picking my trash up on time and keeping my taxes low?


I think its too late for Saucedo. No one can undo that horrible logo. Reminds me of a Massengil or Summers Eve logo. Either way, you end up with a douche.

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