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abandon hope

The Mayor needs to control City Council, represent the City and do little else. No one cares who donated what to whom.

El Paso Hansel and Gretel

Too simplistic, always the money.

Acosta is interested in education ? Really, did she develop an interest around the time she decided to campaign for Mayor ? It only took 40 years to decide she loves veterans and should be welcomed home. A sentiment that developed when? Right, when she. decided to campaign!

We are waiting for a clear answer to the settlement of her law suit. Which she claims was not a lawsuit because she settled before it went to court. just the facts, not some confusing and stuttering nonsensical reply.

The veterans were bought for a cheap set of vittles and the price for the union ? Free menudo for breakfast? The school unions at what price ? Free school lunches for a week ?

El Paso is once again being bought for shinny trinkets. Ask Native Amerricans how that turned out. Only difference here is El Pasoan love to eat so follow the crumbs.

Max Powers


How Emma wins, or loses, comes down to turnout.

She's the Democrat in the race, can she mobilize Democrats, who usually punt in municipal elections, given that Hitler was elected POTUS, and you have two other Republicans running for Mayor?

Everything else is just noise.



Who Cares

The school vouchers issue did not make the Texas senate or Texas house budget. Looks like it won't happen.


Max, are you supporting Emma? Sure looks like it. I personally think Margo and the other managers did a good job with EPISD. Teachers bellyache about everything. But in any case, I think you've got a point.

However, voters may decide that Emma's $90,000 a year is enough sucking off the taxpayers. That's more than 3 times the average income in the City. And besides, isn't this supposed to be a non-partisan election? Hopefully, the most qualified person wins -- and that would be Margo. Why don't you mention his Hispanic blood line?

Fed up with non issues

Let's borrow a dna standard used in the 1940s. Anyone of Caucasian heritage in the last two generations can not hold office. Hispanics campaigning for office must be of pure Hispanic blood. Happy now ?

Let's concentrate on electing the most qualified and considerable experience regardless of party or ethicity.

Max Powers

To all,

First, I support vouchers in principle.

Second, Emma's $90,000, apparently has been a non-issue for her constituents.

Third, Saucedo, Emma and Margo all support the arena...which if you are getting heartburn over $90,000 per year wait 'til you see the electric bill for the arena in the summer.

Fourth, I am "for" whoever will give me a Conquistador Award.




Emma's BS with the "lawsuit" increasing her pension to 90K per year will cost her any chance she had at winning. The Dems hate successful people and particularly in El Paso the jealousy will be an insurmountable obstacle for someone with such a narrow opportunity. I still like David Saucedo's chances and predict it will be him and Dee Margo in the runoff.

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