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sergio lewis

Interesting Max... A little surprised at your last comment, but interesting..." I applaud Rep. Moody. In my opinion, the 2 ounce & under law in the State of Texas, does more harm than good & needs to be amended. The medicinal issue is also a significant feature that should be addressed. Good post." Best regards to all, Sergio Lewis


Bob Moore doesn't know what it is to be hard anymore. I don't even think he's seen it since 1994. :(

Korean War veteran

Bob Moore is just dying to start writing for Escobar's congressional race. Poor Blanco or Leeser will never get a chance with that biased newspaper. El Paso Times is pure garbage.


Sergio, would you run for county judge? Sounds like there will be a vacancy if the comments are true.

Senator Willie

Bob Moore is garbage.

Y Que!

So Bob Moore has no woody for Moody?

Max Powers


In a nutshell...yes.



Bob Moore needs to go!

Juanita, no one wants Sergio Lewis!

Bob Moore is another unethical asshole. Y Que!, love your comment!

Y Que!

Sergio, I'd like to see your crew work on vehicles while they are todos grifos.

sergio lewis

Lol... imagine that! Y que....

Beto Moore

You guys can all blow me. Anybody know what's for lunch?

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