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Only a coward addresses someone on the comment section of the blog. Susie runs her mouth unsolicited all day and she takes to the blogs to address Tolbert. What an ass!

Jon Nieves

you know Tolbert is not the answer and you have said so many times on your blog. Anyone else would be better except whomever Byrd endorses. Just like the Prez election the lessor of 2 evils is Jud right now.

Max Powers

Tolbert is not City Representative El Paso deserves, he is the City Representative that El Paso needs right now.



abandon hope

Surely you jest. Tolbert's problem was not Byrd. Tolbert's problem is himself - immature, egotistic, self-serving. He became a liability to Byrd and Escobar. Please don't suggest he needs to remain a liability to District 2.

Senator Willie

El Paso politics is pathetic.


I think the bloggers are pushing Tolbert so we all will have something to talk about if he is re-elected, Either that or he is paying them to carry his water. I don't care if Byrd and Escobar don't like him. That is one point on which we can agree.

Max Powers


Hold up.

Tolbert pays?



abandon hope

DavidK is using mind-control on Max. Resist.

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