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Hit the nail on the head Max!!!

abandon hope

The worse part is that he has been a terrible representative. He cannot even get the City to enforce zoning, something Romera was able to do. Guess Tolbert is too busy making sure he's invited to key player meetings.

The Raging Chihuahua

If you want to see that pantload Tolbert get bitch-slapped by the voters, let's ENCOURAGE Byrd and Escobar to sing his praises.


Tolbert is done. I will say this...karma is a bitch. All the finger pointing and harassment he participated in with Larry Romero came back to haunt him.


So, where is the La Raza chick who wanted the CC to do peyote? Is she sitting this one out?


Cemelli Aztlan's arrogance and her association with toxic supporters like Limon and bitter boy Enrique Moreno did her in. She is best left to marches and protests rather than public office.


Limon? Who's that? GO RIVERA GO! My vote is for Henry Rivera. He's got a great track record as a police officer and will do a better job of serving the public. Go Rivera!!!


I almost shit my pants when I read Lionstar who said Limon was a popular incumbent! Ha, we hate her in the district. Her Limon went sour a long time ago, time to go Lilly!!!

Arrogance and Stupidity Highlighted

Tolbert is proof that an old dog can't be taught tricks. He is a total embarrassment to the District, city and his benefactors.Although I would agree that he was anointed by idiots of equal intelligence.

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