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Tenha uma boa viagem, Max.

Frank Fundillo

You have a nice trip, Max. El Chuqueno will hold down the fort while you are gone. That guy is going like gangbusters.

true colors

Have a safe trip. Forget about politicos for a while & just enjoy da Portugal wine.

Max Powers




Hillary Clinton's vision of a borderless Western Hemisphere...it was what our Spanish ancestors wanted for us.

And still do. Why I voted for Trump.


Word is that Mary Gonzalez is going to have a very formidable opponent next year-an educated Hispanic female that knows how to speak in complete sentences. She better enjoy this session because it could very well be her last. Comment also made was that her Chief of Staff is a loser consultant from San Antonio who just lost a senate race so bad, he had to beg for his job back. Looks like the wheels are coming off of this old jalopy of an office.

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