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Susie Byrds

You make too much sense Max. I hate you.

Who Cares

I think if the arena project went back out for a vote it would fail miserably no matter how much money and well-known El Pasoans campaign for it. The council only has themselves to blame for this debacle. Every single one of them ran on a platform of "making sure the QOL projects are built on time and budget". Well the arena was one of them. Council doesn't listen, doesn't prepare and doesn't understand the history of the bond projects. They react only to negative comments and threats. They have no backbone to defend their decision back in October.

With that said - have a vote, hope it fails to build an arena and re-purpose the money to fix all the truly miserable streets in this town. You would get 100% vote FOR fixing streets.

Immature and stupid

Why bother with Ordaz's opinions. It's like asking a toddler what they want to be when reaching adulthood. It depends on the day of the week or on the moment.


Ah, you bring up good memories...those days before we knew Escobar was lying about the hospitals.

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