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abandon hope

Scary thought.

David Sanchez

Very scary. She would keep Dora Oaxaca with her and that is double the nightmare.

Who cares

Wonder if Hector Villa will come out of the shadows and remind the public why he went to prison and why she ended up with a sealed confidentiality agreement to leave the city.


Dee Margo will be elected as our next Mayor. Emma, and her old gang are old tires that have been retreaded too many times.Plus, she does not have the required IQ, or money to win.

Max Powers

If it is three Republican men and a Hispanic woman Democrat her baggage won't matter.




Emma won't win for the same reason Vero won't win a House seat. El Pasoans would rather vote for any halfway attractive male over frumpy older women (see Dagda v. Niland)

Max Powers


Are you serious? Or are you trolling?




I am serious. Do you disagree?
#PaulMoreno #SkirtinChanclas

Max Powers


You know Dagda lost, right?



abandon hope

In the CC meeting today Acosta proved what golfer24 says about her IQ.

After about 30 minutes of repetitive explanation by human resources representatives on city seniority pay, Acosta went off on a tangent that had nothing to do with the issue but was a transparent attempt to get votes from city employees. Despite repeated attempts by the mayor, city attorney and HR people to explain the simple issue to her, she never appeared to get the point.

Remember the old joke about the Texas Aggie that moved to Oklahoma and raised the average IQ of both states? Well (and I apologize in advance to my Aggie friends), just substitute Emma Acosta for the Texas Aggie and you have El Paso's version of the joke.

Max Powers


For better or for worse, elections are popularity contests, not IQ tests.



true colors

Emma Acosta will not win. Period.


Ted Houghton unlikely to run. Laughable that David Saucedo & Dee Margo would draw votes away from each other. Dee would seem to have a grip on the old Republican West Side money and David is making the rounds talking to all kinds of people, Republicans & Democrats alike.


Adair Margo would be my choice for any office she cared to run for. I have said this to her on more than one occasion but, of course, she will defer to Dee on this matter.


I will vote for anyone who can shut Tolbert up.

abandon hope

Agree with newby and hope someone better replaces Tolbert soon.


Being that Muni elections are non-partisan the others stand a chance. Emma has not proven to be a leader. My vote goes to Dee.


Newby's wishes may come true. KTSM's news team just made mish-mash of Tolbert,the king of ethical complaints. Tolbert managed to sweat his way through an interview while trying to look casual but actually lying through his gritted teeth.


This blog now needs to be updated to read: Acosta looks smarter than the majority of Council. The week's winner is Acosta.

The real losers are: Tolbert (who never should have given that channel 9 interview which made him look smarmy) and Firth, who is very bad liar.

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