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I voted and interestingly enough, the woman in line in back of me was a first time voter. However, the friendly woman in back of her assured her it was easy -- just vote straight Democrat. Oh, and also, the first thing on the ballot is for "better schools." Don't forget to vote for that one, too.

A Libertarian

I voted against the 3 C_nts. Hillary, Wiles, and the Bond(Carmen).

A libertarian ahole

What a Little deplorable you are
A Libertarian
I bet you sit in a dark room alone watching animal porn

The Raging Chihuahua

Dear Max,
How dare you forget the #1 rule to fight club! I think I'll plan a trip to the zoo so I can go watch some animal porn. Maybe I'll even learn some new techniques.

a deplorable

Ill take deplorable any day over being a C_nt !

A libertarian ahole

You came out of a cunt that is no way to describe any woman regardless of what you think of her


Dont piss on people for 30 years and tell them it's raining.

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