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a voter

her opinion stinks. the way she went after the chief of police stinks too. come to think of it her & her bff byrd stink too.

Lion Fraud


Y Que!

Feeling the Bern? Go see the doc for a penicillin prescription.


Has anyone checked if Escobar is ok?

Y Que!

Yup, these mugs will most certainly give me or anyone else nightmares.



El Paso already is a worst nightmare for taxpayers in the Hunt-Foster Axis of Taxes trickle-up economy. I don't think Vero and Suzie get this, nice ladies as they are.

The Raging Chihuahua

I don't remember why I don't take Bernie Sanders seriously. Oh, wait. I think it's because he's an admitted socialist who's economic "plan" was to raise taxes and increase the debt. But it is true that Hitlery hasn't said anything despairingly about brown people, that's because she was too busy killing them while making our nation and other nations a more dangerous place too live in. And let's not forget that Hitlery's "Foundation" took in zillions of dollars to help the Haitians to recover and she hasn't done a darn thing to help them. Real racism is when these neo commie demoncrats lynched a 1000 black Americans using Katrina as the noose. Real racism is discouraging black Americans to speak English (Ebonics - during the time of slavery, the KKK greatly punished any black person if they spoke good Enlish), which occurred in the mid to late 1990s - the Clinton era.

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