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Silence Escobar NOW-VOTE!

Check her facebook page Max, bitch can't keep a muzzle on to save her career!



Loss for words

I have a hard time believing she doesn't have text messages to show but she blabs all over social media about every opinion she has. Keep digging Max. She can't hide forever.


Veronica is an egotistical, lying, media whore. Sent her and the county commissioners an email letting them know of my displeasure with their raise. She seems to believe the taxpayers love her and don't mind because their tax rate is going down.

She and Susie can always work the corners they were so eager to show out-of-town guests.


Escobar is an embarrassment. Niland slammed her. $100mm loss on the hospital but you deserve a raise. Niland was holding court even though Jaime and Veronica were bullying her on her own page. Grow up kids!

comedy central

Veronica Escobar and Susie byrd are begging for women to run for office. what a joke. What they are saying is "I need some idiots to come out here and run for office so I can take the heat off me, & manipulate the idiots and make them look bad". Those 2 ho's need to be voted out of office. episd asking for big money, 'Susie byrd; and Veronica escobar justifying that she deserves a raise. Arlene is correct, those 2 hookers need to go back to what they do best, work the street corners.

Full metal jacket

Between militarty discounts and using Gouda cheese on tacos, they needed a raise.

Who knows perhaps they've decided to go into the political Madame arena business, after all at some point makeup doesn't hide flaws.

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