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Charlie Brown

Good grief, now Jaime is going to go into over zealous mode and write some half cocked long ass explanation about how he loves to tea bag Veronica and its going to be 5 pages long about how Maxi Pad is an informant for Forna and he's a real Chicano hiding out in the valley, errr....I mean reppin' the valley and he's so in touch with everything.

come to think of it I thought I saw Jaime yesterday at 7-11 during lunch, then I saw the guy get into a work truck (key word: WORK) and knew right away it wasn't him. **sigh** I wonder if he receives benefits since he has no job.

broom stick power

too funny , but Charlie is right. Jaime will get on his computer & start tearing you down Max. Be ready, for insults to roll, for only pointing out the truth about da witch.

Max Fax

Ha, ha. That's pretty funny. His computer must not have the 'check grammar' option. Just goes to show that he is really down and out.

Arlene Taute

Poor unintelligent Jaime. You know it is not nice to make fun of those with low IQs, Max.

Max Powers


Unintelligent? Jaime Abeytia is one of the smartest people I know. As I tell folks, he could have been a Rhodes scholar if he wanted to be one. But because he is also wise, he chose a more humble path for himself.



dislike deadbeats

Jaime had what I call a "Freudian Slip". It wasnt a grammer mistake. He wanted to call her a bitch or witch and he replaced the word "which" with what he was really thinking. Sigmund Freud would have had a field day with this idiot deadbeat dad.


The scraps she tossed at him from her plate may have been paltry the day he wrote that. Hunger can make people cranky. Now that she and Vince have given themselves bigger, fatter pay checks, they can let him have the marble they remove from their steak. He'll be much happier. And with Vince and Claudia's wedding coming up, they'll give him an extra piece of taxpayer-funded wedding cake. He'll fawn over the wedding. Just watch.


Again no one cares about Veronica except Veronica. Do the news stations have a contract with her that they have to show her mug at least 40 times per week? There is nothing else going on in El Paso?

Secret Affair, ssshhhh

Fallout ? And here I thought it was very loud thunder ! Two big people.

Just pulling the chain. I really doubt that they parted company. It's a public stunt, I'm sure that behind the scenes, life goes on. He know who's buttering his bread and she knows that he likes to connive, mislead and attack.

sick of the trash

Wonder why Susie (sucia)) byrd is what everyone in her district calls her, that nothing in el paso times is said about her being fired from the Childrens hospital board, or why they don't disclose more crap about her bff veronica (cochina) Escobar. Veronica's neighbors are tired of her back yard dump. Her home is a dump for all to see. Nothing on the Stupid El Paso Times about these two dirty asses. These 2 witches must have something going with worthless bob Moore, like with brain dead Jaime.

Anyday now

I think at some point soon Escobar and Byrd will realize their ride on the El Paso Times is coming to an end. They can't honestly think these types of stories can fool the people all the time. If I were them I would be waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Jon Snow

Susie and Veronica, "Winter is Coming" !

Sleazy Tours

They can organize media tours of the El Paso whore houses and guvmint cheese tacos. That will improve our image once again.

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