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Jerry K

Goes double for Woody World deals. Ask Wilson.


Escobar is overplayed. I'm tired of seeing her on the news.


Escobar and Hillary -- so much alike

In the know

Political statement? They are asking for the City to take action on a personnel matter. She is abusing her position.

Leave Allen alone

She is a County employee. The Chief is under city jurisdiction.
Why won't they leave him alone?

bow as you leave

How dare you question the queen. We live on her land !


Max, Your post is disappointing. A sad day for all of us.


Her text messages to Ordaz are more embarrassing than her dodging your request. The Times covers up for Escobar so expect that they will be enacting revenge on Ordaz for her "out of line" letter defending Chief Allen.

Veronica who?

Veronica, disappointing? How so?

Will the real Veronica please stand up?


Max, tell the truth. You harrass Escobar because FORMA makes you do it! Slick Rick and Marquez are so jealous of Escobar and they make you do their dirty work. You are a hater of good government!!!


Pauline, get a life. Escobar is not liked by any body. She is losing clout quickly, as Susie has already. Escobar is another Trump. Foot in mouth constantly. Veronica, I mean Pauline, go to The Lion Star Blog where you, I mean Vero, is much loved...

abandon hope

Dear Pauline,
Judge Escobar is the one who is harassing the citizens of El Paso County with her continuing attempts to promote her own agenda. El Paso County residents deserve a county judge who minds her own on business and runs the county efficiently. Every time Ms. Escobar harasses someone like Chief Allen, she diminishes her office and puts a nail in her coffin. And now she claims that citizens have no right to read her communications with other officials if its political rather than official. Well, I ask you, what is NOT political with Ms. Escobar?


Vero is on track to raise commissioner and county judge salaries way up there, but hiding behind the "we need to raise the county attorney's salary". Vero has been on a spending blitz for a couple of years. Look for a massive county tax increase.


Jerry K -- you are a one trick pony. You cannot let go of the ballpark issue. Downtown is finally getting private investment. Do you think it is because of Carl Robinson? Or, who else is it that you admire? Perhaps the old EPISD school board?


Blogger, Sander's REIT Downtown is over and the REIT is getting sued. Downtown investment is not happening without major tax incentives. Downtown will always be North Juarez. Downtown will never be what another part of this city could be.


BS -- what "other part of the city" would you recommend?
And, downtown is not over. New lofts are being built, new hotels, the Artspace is about to open, there are fabulous restaurants and regular outdoor concerts. The only part of downtown that is not happening is retail.
Tax breaks are what most cities use for economic development. NY advertises no taxes for 10 years if you open a business there. Denver has huge tax breaks for their downtown historic buildings, etc.
the Sanders' REIT suit has nothing to do with downtown. Sanders moved on to investments in Dallas several years ago. The suit is over Dallas property.

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