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Jaime sux

Poor Jaime. He's worthless. His blog doesn't even make sense anymore. Lame.

Max fan

Wow. One comment? I guess Jaime is not as popular as he thinks. No one cares.

David Sanchez

Word is Vince and his gal showed up UNINVITED to a meeting for the Black community. Worst part is, Vince basically called El Pasoans stupid and said we are Hispanic so we do not understand the Blacks. I sure hope someone recorded that!

abandon hope

So Vince and Claudia crashed the meeting! At the Council meeting Ms. Ordaz bragged (at length and on camera of course) about how she got to attend the meeting between the Black community and the Chief. The meeting was apparently an ecstatic experience for her and she described it in glowing terms. Emma Acosta is now pissed that she wasn't invited.


Re Svarzbein's comment: Feeling wronged because you, a Jew, were profiled as an Afghan terrorist is pretty funny. I guess I could complain of the time I lived in Hawaii and was thought to be Hawaiian but I don't think I could garner any sympathy from blacks for that.

Overthrow city council

Everyone has a story to tell, it's just unfortunate that neither Claudia or Peter had an interesting one.

Keep listening to the perv

Szvarbein is using the Clinton tactic "I feel your pain".

In his case he is the one creating the pain in District 1. Meet the guy and you will hear and see for yourself that he is arrogant and changes his opinions according to whom he is talking. Apparently he has decided to become a political opportunist.

Claudia, crashing the meeting was a very bad decision that reeks and for obvious opportunistic reasons.


You need a girlfriend.

Keep listening to the perv

Jaime, go back to what you do best, show porn to kids


Words words, throw in the occasional $100 fancy word. Word. Show hate to anyone he envies. I'm a Chicano, I live in the valley. My response is so bad ass if you don't like it don't read my blog.

Arlene Taute

Hi, chicken poop Jaime, why are you on THIS blog??? ROFLMAO

Such a buffoon. Go back to Arizona, pay your child support like a man, and get a REAL job. And, stop showing porn to your kids to make them think poorly of their mother. Who in the hell does that? Not a real man.

You have a filthy mouth because you have a little mind. And we know what else goes with little minds.

Bye, Felicia!

Be afraid

There are no heroes in this story. Our political leaders are cheap, opportunistic thugs. They are bullies and cowards. But chief Allen is a dim bulb. And it looks like he might be a bully and a coward too. We need better leaders.

Be afraid

I just wish Svarzbein was smarter. He voted for the $60K raise for the CM. He voted against free state money for a historical survey of downtown properties because MIMCO didn't like it. He will tell you whatever you want to hear face to face. He's a pathological liar. He's bad for El Paso. I live in district one. I voted for the dickhead.


I'm waiting for the idiot leaders to have another press conference on Baton Rouge. I live in Moody, Svarbein and Haggerty's district and I am depressed at my representation.

Senior Voter

I live in District 2 and I would take Svarzbein over Tolbert any day. Heck, I would even take Limon!


Wait a second. Jamie is blocking people while at the same time crying over being blocked on the EPPD twitter feed. Someone must think they are real special.

U hit the nail on the head

U, yep, so much for "Truth to Power" ! What a crock of shit !

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