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Concerned GOPer

Do you think she will discuss how she dislikes Republicans serving on County Committees even if they are supposed to serve all citizens? How about how she texts females who serve on City Council to tell them how they should vote?

Duck for the shoe

Concerned, good.

Thanks for the warning. I am on the way to buy waders( pants for finishing in the water).

I can imagine the triple spin about the hospital. Bet not one word or question about penalties, investigation for fraud or county staff/commissioners using county time to interfere with city council meetings.

Perhaps she will deliver the speech at Comedy Central.

Bitch lover



Let see Vero will reminisce about how she more than doubled the county's total obligation of debt and made sure the tax payers could have no vote on raising that debt level.
Vero championed the spending of 9 million dollars for software for an antiquated mainframe computer that the tax payer will have to replace very soon.
Oh I know the loans to help the poor buy homes and the money was lost to builders and people who could not pay for what they bought and she championed doing the same thing over again.
Or the county projects that went above budget, time of complication and the tax payers had to pick up the cost for poor foresight and over sight of these projects.
I know the county manager position, oh wait that went in the toilet in less than a years.
Hired a person to root out corruption in the county. Damn that did not work either and some good buddy ended up with a pay check and a position for doing nothing at the tax payer’s expense!
Oh I know, I know no more sodie water in vending machine at the county. That’ll show them real strong executive powers in action. ;0)
Yep Vero will tell us how the county bought over priced land from special interest for our new port of entry and did not bat an eye in do so.
Max all and all I think Vero will do an outstanding job in spinning just how well the county has been working to the best interest of the County tax payer. Yeppers, we should be so proud of her outstanding leadership in taking El Paso County into to the toilet with some of the highest property tax in Texas, in the nation and making us pay for it all with a quit whimper from the majority.! Viva Vero!

A voter

Yea Thomas you said it best ....no yawning from me you said the truth in a nutshell Vero's worthless !!!!! Screw the taxpayer is her motto

Bitch lover

It would be easier if she told us how Valenti tasted


Bitch lover, YOU ARE SO RIGHT, she couldn't even keep valenti. He chewed her like a piece of gum and spit her out immediately. HA HA HA

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