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Just sayin'

And its in a hole with a view of a gully and the freeway. Traffic noise from Mesa and the freeway. You are correct - smart growth it ain't. Don't forget the city gave them money in the name of "economic development" to do this project. Where is RP screaming about the deal these developers got - guess because they are Hispanic its okay.

DavidK Feels Ambigous Towards Mezican Women

So you don't want to be "snuggled between Interstate 10 and Mesa." I always pictured you as a snuggler, Max.

To your point; how is building entirely new buildings in a city chock-full of attractive and vacant buildings "smart growth?" "Walkability" isn't about walking in your apartment complex and trying to act out some neighborhood bar scenes from How I Met Your Mother. It's about having grocery stores, restaurants, bars, schools, parks, and public places within a few minutes walk. This is basically a hipster borderland Arcosanti enclave built into the armpit of a mountain of sand.

It's a great concept and I wish them luck, but projects like these would have been better suited for the downtown area, where the city needs urban density and walkability could really mean something. El Paso will be serious about "smart growth" when it empowers its citizens to be part of the decision making process, not just crazies protesting "smart growth" (whatever that means nowadays).


Following the development of El Paso for a long time, particularly smart growth and new urbanism, I don't see how the city isn't empowering its residents. I've attended many charrettes, visual preferences surveys, etc. starting from the new comprehensive plan development in 2010, to smartcode rezoning efforts effecting my side of town (the unfortunately Council-rejected Glory Road/Mesa/Kern project and the 5 Points project). The city seems to have gone out of their way to involve residents.

Max Powers

David K Whatever,

Actual Santi is very much the opposite of "How I Met Your Mother". Those guys can walk to all those places you named.

There are parts of Alameda that are much more walkable than that Santi crap.



Rotten Peppers

The main problem here is that no one gives a shit or turns out to vote or comment, except maybe the bloggers and ankle-biters. And they hate each other. You wonder why the Mideast is such a mess? Look at your home and add RPGs.

Smart growth makes sense for infill, IMHO. Most new home buyers here want a detached single-family home near a newer school, like the kind of shit Tropicana and Desert View build. They couldn't spell "new urbanism."


RP, you forgot Woody's Cimmaron area where it takes making EPISD go open enrollment to sell homes.

devil in a blue dress

Hey Ponce,
Cimarron is Canutillo schoo district

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