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David K

I think the corruption angle stems from the fact that politicians are inherently corrupted by the process of attaining office. People literal buy influence with them and politicians have to make promises to special interests in return for employment. A county administrator or city manager doesn't have to do this. They are beholden to the only entity that pays them.

That's not to say somebody couldn't bribe them... but it's at least not inherent to the position.

Max Powers

At first it was Ascarate, Sportspark and the van pool. Now, I am being told its corruption by this person.

One thing that is inherently different about county government and city government, you are dealing with a unit of government that has elected department heads in some cases.

In the case of a City Manager, it is quite clear who is supposed to be giving the marching orders to City Staff, and it is clear who is supposed to give the marching orders to the City Manager.

In the case of the County Administrator, you will have a six-figure staffer beholden to one group the Commissioners Court, but with no real authority over anybody else except for handful of departments, which is not such a big of a work load to require a separate department to manage.

Veronica already has something that she has always dreamed about a - majority. Why push your luck?

Rotten Peppers

The CM has not worked for El Paso, as Wilson basically aligned herself with the local power elite, and became their rep-on-10 of what used to be city hall. I mean, you go to a CM form of government to obviate the political cronyism of a strong mayor and what do you get from the CM - strong cronyism. It won't work for the County for the same reason and, IMHO, is being teed up now to deflect the coming shit storm over Chidrens' and Hunt-Foster Coup #2 for a soccer stadium, but this time using the county's credit card (the city learned its lesson and won't cooperate a second time).

Even Escobar, who is no dummy whatever you think about her, is smart enough to know that Suzy MountainStar Byrd does not have the IQ or cruelty for a major administrative job.

But The Witch does.

Max Powers

CM has worked for El Paso. You cannot pin the ballpark on Joyce Wilson, she was the operations person, not the policy maker.

There is a much stronger case for an entity that handles everything from trash to potholes to parks to public safety to traffic to have a full-time professional administrator, than say for the county.


So for now we have had no county manager and that has not worked too well so maybe a stable head like a county manager is well worth a try...Then again, elected leaders love campaign $$$ donations and does influence some decisions they make.......

Max Powers


Veronica is basically saying "I can't handle this." She's paid quite well, and gave herself a raise, the other Commissioners are paid quite well too

And they can't manage a parks department?



Rotten Peppers

RP actually feels a little sorry for Escobar who, unlike The Witch, is actually a nice person. The County has to be hard to manage because of autonomous elected officials that do not report to the court. Texans like a loose-knit government structure, though, to allow maneuver room where you can wiggle around in the organizational white spaces.

Valentina De Santiago

Max, you REALLY need to ban RP. You are now writing in third person like this imbecile.

That being said, I think a county manager would be great. We can cut the judge's and commissioners' salaries by half or more since Dan Haggerty himself stated it was not a full-time job. With that savings, you can pay for a county manager.

RP, get over it already. Everyone knows you hate Wilson. Most everyone knows the real reason why. Move on with your life. Get a job, do volunteer work, get happy for a change.


Yeah, right Valentina, cut commissioners salaries by half. Veronica wouldn't think about doing that. That's the stupidest comment I've seen posted in a while. Banning RP ? Hell, some of the best comments and "tell it like is" statements come from RP. Your one of those "well we got away with it and there is nothing you can do about it so get happy." As far as a county manager ? Max is right on target and we have already seen that the administrators "DO NOT" take the corruption out of City Hall any better than a "Strong Mayor" system. Hell, maybe even worse because the Administrators get higher salaries and "golden Parachutes". Somebody posted that Confucius statement here a while back. Let me repeat it. "Fook me once, shame on you, Fook me twice, shame on me" !

Valentina De Santiago

Wow, Ponce/Rotten, sarcasm goes right over your thoughtless head. Thanks for the laugh.

Rotten Peppers


Peppers plans to do volunteer work and try to relocate the Rescue Mission in DTEP so homeless people will poop on Foster's Anson doorstep. That is what Jesus would do for the poor and to the rich.



Valentina De Santiago

You are a very sad individual full of hate for people you do not even know. God help you.

Rotten Peppers


Peppers knows the people who conspired to steal Pepper's right to a simple yes/no vote and will NEVER forgive them or stop trying to fuck up their best-laid plans to suck off the taxpayers via corporate welfare and political payola.

Do you see where Ordaz won by a large margin even though voter turnout was less than 4%? Is she another Shaplite? Peppers and the 74% will be watching her.

'Nuff said.

Valentina De Santiago

You are a very sad individual full of hate for people you do not even know. God help you.'Nuff said. xoxoxo

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