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thanks max- for speaking only the TRUTH

No shame

Did you see today's story on Ness the mess?! Anyone that has put their name behind her should be embarrassed.

Rotten Peppers

Played the cancer card, too. Must be desparate.


ness the LYING Mess should be her real name. Pitiful.
cannot even handle her own finances.disgusting.

Max Powers

Yes, cancer. Cervical cancer. Which sucks.

But I am surprised Lyda would even bring that up. Which leads me to believe Lyda is being consulted by men. Or at least men who do not know about much sex.

Per the CDC, "Almost all cervical cancers are caused by HPV. You are more likely to get HPV if you started having sex at an early age, or if you or your partner have had sex with several others. However, any woman who
has ever had sex is at risk for HPV." (Source: http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/cervical/pdf/cervical_facts.pdf)

Angie Diaz

It infuriates me that she uses her children to hide behind. She sure isn't thinking of them when she is out getting plastered.

just sayin'

Max - good post! That is curious that Jose can't/won't support Marquez. I'm sure the explanation would be the current State delegation has an agreement to not endorse or campaign against an incumbent. Yeah right.


Jose is afraid of Marisa


Good, he should be, he is so worthless; and now it's really showing.

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