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I agree Marisa is a staunch democrat!!! Lyda needs to get her facts straight!!! Lyda quit blowing hot air. . . Marisa can always go to toe to toe with you and come out a WINNER!!

just sayin'

Notice the unflattering picture of Marquez vs. Ness the Mess? Really EPT? Lots of nicer pics of Marquez in your archives - but Marty S. has an agenda and we all know what it is.

Marty Schladen

Just: I'm in Austin and don't choose the photos. In fact. Since I don't get the dead-tree edition, I often don't even see the photos. You know, I'm just sayin.

Max: Wish I'd remembered about that Rice index when I was writing. That's good context.

just sayin'

Marty: Thanks for the explanation. So I will blame the EPT locals here on picture selection - they have the agenda!

Piece of advice Marty: be careful about Ness the Mess's facts and figures - remember her District 1 council race - lots of innuendo and lies presented as truths to the voting public. And I understand she did the same thing in her run for judge a few years back.

I do enjoy reading your articles from the Austin bureau.

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