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Lying Mess needs to apologize to those poor kids of hers for being such a poor role model.2 words for her: birth control.

Rotten Peppers

Try a local AA meeting, too, and get sober for their sakes.


Honestly, I don't see how these attacks are personal. The article doesn't say that these accusations came from the Marquez campaign. Am I missing something? The Times asked Marissa to respond. I don't know where cancer and children came into the conversation. What am I missing?


She keeps saying that her marriage broke up or she got divorced. I know her "ex.lShe would have had to file divorce in EP county since they were both residents. She never filed for divorce. She is a family lawyer and knows how that process works. She was impregnated by a married man that left promised to marry her and lied.


Can you please post something on Norma and her great RIP off of her position during her 13 years in the legislature with per deim and now the RIP off of her elderly parents?

Y Luego

All that's left now is for ness the mess to say the split up between (not her husband) Garcia and her was Rep. Marquez' fault.


Hahaha no kidding! Lyda has so many enemies outside of their political race for her poor performance as an attorney. She would have court dates set and fail to show then blame everything on her children. Very irresponsible in her career, I can only imagine how she would be as a public official. I'm sorry Lyda. You lost my vote. Drop out and get your life together.

por tu bien

Pack your bags ness the mess and take maria Garcia with you; don't forget the three illegitimates. Now run but as fast as you can, cause there's more to come. No one cares about your alleged illnesses because our health is failing as well--AND.

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