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In the Know

I think we should commence an effort to have Congressman O'Rourke to determine once and for all if "Mario Puertos" is in this country illegally. Maybe also take a look if Robbie knows of what could be illegal immigration and if he has been paying Mario for blogging perhaps breaking the law as well!


In the Know, your comment is stupid and no fun. Go to refuse the juice and comment. Zzzzzzz

In the Know

Who else is in a position in El Paso to put this issue to rest than the Congressman? I think it is legit given the chaos that the blogger in question is attempting to achieve in the El Paso political, government, and commerce areas. Should an undocumented immigrant be allowed to conduct such activities? I think not! I suppose from where you sit Hoops it wouldn't be any fun to have a Congressman inquire about you!



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