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just sayin'

I sure hope EPT is smarter than that. They normally endorse the incumbent unless the incumbent is just awful like Norma C was. Cesar is truly a carpetbagger and you gotta wonder which Lower Valley "family" is controlling him.

76 Voter

Cesar ... Cesar ... Cesar ... another Reyes controlled little pawn.

No name ID might be as bad as being Norma Chavez.

Naomi goes back to the house - some college kid stopped by my house

sounded completely idiotic. This family will be voting for Gonzalez.

AZ Dem

Fancy dressed man Cesar has had 2 employees give money to him that work for him in his Congressional office- probably a massive Congressional Ethics violation. They seem to have given him close to $1000- which could be part of the federal gov salary he pays them. Maybe he'll return that $ real fast but it still shows how he operates.

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