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Upset Gringo

so let me get this straight a candidate should not be elected because she did not put merry christmas on her Facebook? My uncle is a Christian Brother and did not put Merry Christmas on his Facebook because hmmmm he was busy celebrating the holidays! Have you ever thought that? Maybe she was busy with friends and family? So I guess half the world is a atheist and we can not be elected because we do not appease the blogger who refuses to identify himself!

why you mad gringo?

haha Ness the Mess Campaign Staff^

Max Powers

Upset Gringo,

Your Uncle isn't running for office.

Busy with family and friends, well, that's tough shit if you are running for office.


Max Powers

David K

Max is right. Sounds like Ness' Austin consultants are shitting the bed, couch and now the floor. Holidays are great excuses for reaching out to voters and donors (nice move Vince - very smart). You only get one Christmas a year - use it to your electoral advantage!

Rotten Peppers

Salve Sol Invictus!

a voter

the mess is buddhist. this woman gives no credit for any religion. if you ever have the misfortune of having her represent you...You will know her true religion, Greed. She will never show up to represent you. Her sidekick, slacking employees, will lie,lie,lie for her,& she will take as much $$ as she can from you. This witch is truly a b*tch.Wake up ElPaso. I hope people read this blog.Fire her immediately if she is your attorney,or you will live to regret it.she will NEVER represent district 77; you will vote another Paul Moreno, who never showed up for important business at the House...

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