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just sayin'

She was spotted at the Homebuilders Association annual dinner/party Friday night in the company of one former county commissioner Carlos Aguilar.

Rotten Peppers

Has demon eyes, too. Isn't there some Mexican thing about that?


Now i know why Lyda Ness, does not show up for her clients. She is to busy looking for another male to give her another kid. If you hire this worthless lawyer,run, do not walk away. She will not represent you nor the district either; she is looking only for a "man". Men, run away from this She-devil. Talking from experience.This woman is WORTHLESS, & truly a Messs....

Angie Diaz

She has three young children. She should be at home with them when she is not working. I understand going out once in a while, but she seems to do a lot of partying. Poor babies. They deserve better.



just sayin'

Wonder how Ness the Mess gets home after partying? Does she drink and drive? Someone else drive her home (who may also be drunk) - or does she take a cab?

who's dat fuckin fat Asian

what's that fat Asian looking thing next to her?

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