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Check the full report. It seems to be an IRA or some other type of defferred tax retirement instrument. If I had to guess I would say some of I came from a payoff of a life insurance policy. How about a little more digging? Completely agree that this is a liability in El Paso.

Max Powers


Where to begin?

"How about a little more digging?"? By all means, dig away. That's why I allow comments. If I got something wrong, then I got something wrong. I don't get paid to do this. I am not an investigative reporter. Much like yourself I am an "anonymous" commenter except I have a website.

"Completely agree this is a liability in El Paso". I said it is NOT a liability. I did say it was unfortunate that we could not hear about it. The reason why we did not hear about it because quite a few primary Democratic voters in El Paso do not like hearing about "hard work" or "business".

I do not know where you are going regarding the reporting of Beto's wealth, but I guess you are trying to say he is not really that wealthy. Which in that case is a good thing in your book.


Max Powers


You showed potential in the LionStar blog comments section. Now I think you are a big an ass sniffer as he was. Suck up to power, maxie pad.


I find it ironic how certain individuals hate people with money but they are always chasing money. Just saying....

The awful a$$, give it a rest. You don't like Max's comments? Start your own freaking blog and say whatever you want and stop reading this one. Simple enough. However, based on all of your comments, you don't have the common sense to come in out of the 80 mile wind storm.

David K

Yes yes yes - Max Powers is an "ass sniffer" who gets nothing from his ass sniffing because nobody knows who he is. Brilliant plan!

Seriously people - think before you comment.


David, you ask for too much from some of these people.

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